Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Humble And Kind

I have to admit, I am not typically a country music gal (sorry!!).  My play list usually consists more of Broadway, Disney, pop and contemporary instrumental HOWEVER - oh my goodness!  This song, these lyrics, and this video sang to me.  I love it!  I love the message that it sends.  I believe every person should listen to the words.  It shares a message that I try to instill in my children everyday; a message that I believe should be instilled in all children.  And for that matter, adults too.  "Be humble. Be kind.." - such a simple message.

I choose to share this as my inspirational motivation of the day.  In all of my walks of life, I have never come across a group of individuals that are more humble and kind than my sister, and brother, consultants.  So many give, and give, with no expectations of a return except to see another succeed.  I have many sister side Lines that have coached me, supported me and cheered me on during my journey yet these gals don't benefit from my successes- they do it because they are kind.  I have witnessed consultants team together to support one another through life's hardships and celebrate the happiness.  I have witnessed them step up to help another earn an incentive trip; send card showers, financially contribute to needed causes and give so much more straight from their hearts.  This is such an amazing attribute.  The consultants and home office team are a family; my family.  And there is always room for one more.

If you have been looking for this type of community; of family of excellence and compassion above all else, then Close To My Heart just might be the place for you! After all, "Baby, you're worth it"!  Message me for more details about joining my team in April!  I would love to chat and to share this amazing family with you!

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