Friday, October 2, 2015

An act of love...

The past week and a half, I have had my share, and quite a few other's shares as well, of migraines.  And although when I have a migraine, I would like the world to stop, it cannot, as I have to take my kids to and from school and make sure they get to their other activities and commitments.  Yesterday was one of the worst of my migraine days and I can say it totally took the wind right out of me.  My son, Gabriel, was very concerned about when this "round" would go away and I would feel good again.  He asked several times throughout the evening if I was "better" yet.  As that wasn't the case, he went to bed very sad for me - which was indeed touching.  This morning, I went to grab my things to take the kids to school, and I saw Gabriel's favorite, and most well-loved Percy (what he calls his polar bears) tucked ever so gently into my purse.  I couldn't help but to smile as he is so protective of his Percys.  I asked Gabriel why Percy was in my purse and he smiled ever so gently and replied, "Percy can be here to hug you today while I am at school so that you can be better when I get home." Such a simple gesture from such a sweet and gentle hearted little boy.  Certainly enough to melt a Mommy's heart.  Love you sweet boy.  And yes, Percy's hugs did make Mommy feel better.

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