Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Up Happies!

So now that I have shown you the cute, art, I want to share my process as I have had several asking - and giving me far too much credit!  This project was so easy to create!  For starters, I purchased the  Mickey head graphics from an artist, the Wallaby Way on Etsy.  When purchasing, I requested any text that she had used to be taken off the image.  Here is the blank image that I started working with.
I am just returning from an amazing week of Close To My Heart's National Convention that took place at Disneyland out in California.  One of my favorite parts of our Convention is creating "happies" for dear friends, or to swap with other consultants.  I have to admit, this year I didn't do that great with swapping - instead, I had too much just giving them away and seeing the smiles on other's faces. 

That being said, our Convention theme this year was based on Pixar/Disney's animated film Up. Because of this theme, I wanted to do some "UP" themed happies.  I created two different happies - one a small size (the sucker) and one a larger size (tags). 
The first was a sucker.  These can be found at your local party store - mine were purchased at Party City.  To create these, I simply hand cut out the Mickey head leaving the white trim and adhered one to the back of the sucker and one to the front using red-lined tape.  I then cut a piece of  Red Shimmer Trim and wrapped it around the candy stick adhering it back to itself with the finishing touch being cut into a pennant.

The second "happy" was actually my favorite.  I took the same graphic, "tweaked it" and printed it in a larger size.  For this one, I used a quote from the film on the front and a personal message on the back.  I then adhere the two heads back to front and punched a hole in the upper right ear to make it a tag.  I hung the Mickey head on a treat bag filled with colorful gumballs to represent the balloons from the movie. The finished product turned out darling! 

Here is how to recreate these projects:
1.  Go to www.tonyasheridan.ctmh.com.
2.  Under the "products" tab, select Studio J On-Line Scrapbooking.
3.  Select "enter now" and then either set up a new account, or enter your id credentials.
4.  Enter Create a new project.
5. Select upload photos.  Upload photo.  Select Continue.
6.  For Layout Type, select:Create Your Own Custom Layout.
7.  For Kit Categories, select any kit option.  (note for this project I used Confetti Wishes)
8.  For Pattern Categories, select: No Limits.
9.  For Select a Kit Mix, select any kit.
10.  Convert photo to a text box.

10.  Erase journaling prompt.
11.  Ensure that the background color is White Daisy.  This is important as it helps to avoid a black shadow around certain graphics.

12.  In the left hand tool bar under text and photos area, click add photo.

13. Move photo onto 12" x 12" sheet.  Resize to desired size.  Here I used 4" x 4" for the large heads; for the small I used 3" x 3".

14.  Click and drag photo into photo well.  Make sure edges of image are not cropped.

15.  Copy entire cell as many times as desired.

16.  Add text to image.  Copy text into each image.

17.  Save work.  Follow links to save and purchase creation.

I was very impressed with the graphics from the Wallaby Way.  I will certainly be going to them in the future for more of my graphics needs!  

In All Sassiness,

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