Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bunco anyone?

Before this year's National Convention, I had heard of the dice game Bunco but that was the extent of my dealings with the game.  My grandma up-line, the fabulous Tina Sutton, decided that it would be fun to play Bunco at our team meeting.  Knowing that, I took on the challenge of using Studio J to create a Bunco score card for everyone to use.  

I researched with Google and Pinterest and found numerous samples to draw my knowledge and inspiration from.  The board was created in 12" x 12" format to allow a larger view for alignment and to add the little details with.  Once I had completed the design, I purchased the j-peg and I loaded the download into a new No Limits page where I created 6" x 6" photo wells.

Some details to note -
-all of the grid lines are created with the stitching embellishment
-the "dice" are created with vellum
-the dots on the "dice" are created with one of the heart My Stickease re-sized
-the layout design is Super Star
-the paper collection is Love Bird - an exclusive Studio J Paper Collection

The score sheets turned out super cute and were well received by the team members and we had a great team meeting celebrating each other's, gathering all of us together again, and playing Bunco. For the Bunco score sheets we all used Sharpies to keep score with and wrote directly on the card. Everyone was then given a 6" x 6" flip flap to add their score sheet to their Team Meetings Scrapbooking page with.  One suggestion that I shared, was that if you wanted to make your own boards and have the ability to reuse them, seal the score sheet into the flip flap and use the dry erase marker to keep score --then you could easily wipe off the scores and re-use.

There are so many wonders available to us in Studio J - they just wait to be discovered!  And if you haven't heard, from now until July 31st, you can purchase unlimited 12" x 12" 2 page spreads for just $5!  That is a fantastic deal!  To get started on creating your own Studio J masterpieces, click here.  Or, if you need guidance, send me an e-mail at: inallsassiness@gmail.com and I will be happy to help you!

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