Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Celebrating the iconic Coca Cola Polar Bears!

So, as most of my followers know, my 8 year old son is passionate (which is really an understatement) about Polar Bears!  He has been studying, watching and loving polar bears since about 9 months old and has stayed very true to his passion.  For several years, Gabriel has asked to dress up as a polar bear and this year we were lucky enough to actually find a costume.  He has almost worn the costume out in just a few short weeks!  When he saw the Coca Cola bears earlier this week on a commercial, he joked that he was a Coca Cola bear.  Then the forecast came in.  And it was to be a "big" snowfall for this early in the season-- and I couldn't resist getting him a few bottles of Coca Cola and letting him have his own little photo shoot!  Gabriel was one happy little polar bear and Mommy, who likes to help the children follow their passions and dreams, could't help but smile!

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