Thursday, August 21, 2014

Picture My Life - 25 Day Challenge. Day 10.

Tonight's layout is one of my favorites thus far on my 25 day journey because it allows me to feature some of the unique photographs in a manner that makes them truly shine--specifically the large photo in the lower portion of the left page and the long photo on the right side of the right page.  As explained in Day 9's post, I sectioned off the large photo for the right page using Studio J to ensure the placement of where the photo was to be cut and that this cut would not be in "dangerous" positions of the photos. I chose to have the photo stretch across the entire bottom of the page so that it would show the scale and pure size of the rocks that my family had been climbing.  Likewise, with the long photo on the right page, I took the picture vertical so the length of the peninsula could be seen. I realize my family looks like little dots in the photo but I supported the layout with many close up photos as well so I felt like this photo was a must-include.  Our journey resulted in many photos from this climb, and I wanted to include them all but there wasn't such space, so, flip flaps were added to allow for additional photos.  The 4" x 6" flip flaps worked fantastic on the PML pages as they are the same size as the pocket.  The large assortment were a little off as I found (see the left side) as there is a margin left for the additional seams in the pockets.  I will certainly remember that next time but for this time, I will let it go as is.  I am delighted with the end result of the layout.

For better views of the photos, simply click on the layout and the photos will open in a new window.  

Full spread with all flip flaps closed.

Full spread with the large flip flap open.

Full spread with all of the flip flaps open.

Here, not only are the photos split between the pockets but the embellishment is as well.

For this layout, I asked each of my children to journal about their journey/experiences in their own words.

Picture My Life Cards used.

Happy Scrappin'!
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