Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sassy Studio J Saturday -- teacher gifts.

It's not Saturday...I know!  I was having such a great time with my scrappers on Saturday that I completely forgot to publish my blog post!  I just realized that it was still in draft mode--so my many apologies.

So today, I wanted to share a project that I co-created with my children's school as a retirement present for a beloved teacher.  Before I share the pictures, I thought I would share some the background on how this project came to be.  The art teacher created hand prints with all of the students and faculty in the school.  They weren't sure what exactly what they were going to do with the hand prints but somehow wanted to turn them into a gift for the teacher.  Insert me.  I suggested to the secretary that we make a banner with the hand prints but realized that even though it would be a great gift to show our appreciation to many years of dedication, it would not necessarily be conducive for the teacher to save and look back on from years to come.  I started thinking...if we were to scan the hand prints before threading them to create the banner, then I could load the images into Studio J and create an album that she could look back on time and time again.

So, that is just what we did.  By scanning the hand prints (which my husband did for me), I was able to make the prints smaller when I added them to the photo wells.  This allowed me to add more hand prints to each layout. If I had left them in the original size I would only been able to get 2-4 on each page.  With choosing the layout designs, and a few I designed myself, I kept the majority of the photo sizes to 3" x 3" for continuity.  I chose to use the Grins and Giggles paper collection because the school colors are Red and Black.  

When the book was completed, I was absolutely delighted with the end results.  My guess is that so was she!

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