Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You want MORE Polar Bears? Really?

Saturday, Gabey is having a sleepover for his birthday (I know, very belated but this is the first time it worked with his buddies and our families schedules) and one of his buddies asked what he would like for his birthday.  Gabriel, being Gabriel, said "I want a Polar Bear!"  Really!!!  I ask you!  Do you think this little boy needs yet another Polar Bear?  I lost count of his "fleet" a few years ago and no, these are not all that he has but more the issue is finding one that he doesn't already have!  

These pictures were taken last month on National Talk Like a Pirate Day and were inspired by a photograph posted by Polar Bear International.  Having seen the photo, Gabriel decided to dress up all of his bears as pirates too.  At least we don't have to feed all of his bears!  lol.

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