Friday, April 13, 2012

Little League Opening Ceremonies

Tonight we the kids had their Little League Opening Ceremonies at the ball park.  They were so proud to put on their uniforms for the first time tonight.  Mommy had to get pictures before they totally trashed their "new" uniforms in the dirt.  You should see the dirty socks just from practices...although I am grateful it is not the Powhatan Clay that my mom used to have to try to get out of our uniforms and at least my kids have grey pants verses the white ones we used to have!  Regardless, it was the perfect night for picture taking.  And I must admit, rather bragging so, that we have one of the most beautiful, and scenic, Little League parks that I have been to!  The fields are completely surrounded by mountain ranges!  Love it! 

Nicholas is now in Coach Pitch!

Notice something missing? 
Gabriel lost his first tooth last night!

Yes, the shirt is an extra-small!  and still too large!

A ponytail like the "big" girls!

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