Saturday, March 3, 2012

Aloha...from absolute Paradise!

After a VERY long and VERY trying flight ( I have been having some problems with my eyes and I think the dryness of the plane and the lack of sleep just irritated them more), we have arrived in Hawaii and it is breathtaking!  When we stepped off the plane, you could smell the sweetness of the flowers in the air.  There were travel companies all over the place placing beautiful flower leis on new arrivals.  I found myself a little disappointed that we didn't receive one as I guess I was under the impression from what you see on TV that you are met getting off the plane with a lei.  My hubby must have picked up on it, and when we saw a little Hawaiian cart a few minutes later he got one for me.  And, as you would guess, it was pink.  The lei was beautiful and very delicate.  I even got a kiss as he put it on me which a later found was part of the tradition of placing a lei on someone.  How he knew that, I am not sure...or it could have been luck...but after such a trying journey, it made my day completely.  Love you sweetie!

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