Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Convention Recap Day 1

So, due to the time change, and CTMH having so many wonderful things going on, I wasn't able to do much bloggin' while I was in California. I hope over the next few days to give you a glimpse of how awesome our trip was! So, "I'll start at the very beginning...a very good place to start!"...opps, that isn't a Disney song is it! lol!

On Wednesday, many of the consultants spent the day at a Leadership event. I wasn't able to attend (next year though) so I spent the day more or less relaxing...which was long overdue. That night my Grandma Up-line, Tina Sutton held a princess party for her team: The Scattered Hearts. We were invited to the royal celebration and invited to wear a princess dress. I opted out of the princess dress but instead chose to wear a tiara instead. She had an ooohh so cute project to work on and then had her awards ceremony. We had a wonderful time! With a royal flair and giving of the pins!

Our fearless leader, Tina...the Queen of Hearts!

Barb and Kelly Rizzo with a handmade gift the Kelly made! She is such a talented artist!

My Cruising' buddy, and dear friend Debbie Sims.

This was one of my favorite parts of convention as I have gotten to know many of my side lines on Tina's team and I loved being able to cheer on their successes. They are all such wonderful women and continue to inspire me each day! Each one with her own strength and who is not afraid to share their successes. I am honored to be apart of something so special! I have truly found my "place in this world"!

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