Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Odessey of the Mind Coaches would be proud...

So yesterday, as I "built" Abby's Minnie Mouse cake, I came up against a stumbling block that I hadn't quite on earth to make my Mickey Mouse cake a Minnie Mouse cake? Adding eyelashes and a bow seemed like the obvious answer but HOW to create a bow, and one step further, once I had created the bow, HOW IN THE WORLD to attach the bow? My mom and I brainstormed hours before the party and finally came up with a create the bow out of chipboard, cover it with icing, and then ever so delicately build supports for the bow so that it appeared to be three-d and didn't crush her ears. So how did be build our supports? We used tooth picks and then ever so carefully positioned the bow on top of the supports! Wouldn't my Odyssey of the Mind coaches Mike & Leni, and my team mates be proud! Not quite balsa wood, but it certainly worked! We were quite proud of ourselves and Abby and Gabey...they were quite happy with the cakes! A happy day!

June 18, 2011.

Other highlights from the day!

Too sunny in here?

A MONSTER truck! Very exciting!

The best present of the day...seeing Addison walk!!

Polka Dots anyone?

Abby and Gabriel helped select the menu for the day...they wanted Mikey and Minnie colors for their we had hot dogs, watermelon, strawberries, pasta salad with tomatoes and red peppers, ketchup (a must have on the list per Gabriel) and for the treats cups...Twizzlers little bites & Junior Mints ...the Junior Mints being the only thing black they could think of that they liked to eat!

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