Sunday, December 12, 2010

Digital Paper tearing

I am not the best at paper tearing, but I do love the effect that it gives. So, what is the solution? I discovered this layout design in Studio J that featured paper tearing...the look without my uneven curves! Very exciting! I created this layout for my mother-in-law with some highlights from a summer trip with the children. We took some 700 pictures, so it was rather difficult to narrow them down but I did select the ones that I liked the best and best represented the highlights of our trip and arranged them into this layout. I absolutely love the expression on Abby's face! I chose the Magic Moments paper collection because it pulled in the colors of each of the characters without clashing each other.

To see the details of the layout, simply click on the layout itself.

The layout design is Dialogue from Imagine. My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 150 layouts. 52 1/2 completed. 97 1/2 to go.

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