Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas sweethearts

Christmas sweethearts...I love each of them so much! My Christmas gift to my children, niece, and mother was to get them each matching Christmas Pj' so my mom could have a Christmas picture of all four of her grandchildren in front of her tree. Our first attempt didn't quite work, but Christmas night was perfect! With all of the excitement of the evening, do you know how hard it is to capture four little expressions, smiles and eyes going in the same direction? Anyway, we were able to capture some great shots and each of the children's personalities so well!

As my brother Michael expressed, our Christmas was full of emotions this year, and as Chad expressed best, we are all so thankful and blessed to have each other and the opportunity to all be together. I have been incredibly have such a wonderful family...their support, love and friendship has been amazing and for that I am forever grateful.

Here are a few of the highlights!

Such a cutie!

Cousin cuddles!

Nicholas with his new DS.

I have always wanted sisters and now I have two that are just amazing!

Some Daddy time!

Dad made this beautiful clock for my brother and his wife.

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  1. the kiddos are so precious!!!! I am so glad you had great Christmas with your family! Hugs to you! hope to see you in the new year!