Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buckeye boxes...almost too pretty to open. ALMOST.

My husband and I are Buckeye fans through and true! And we love to make Buckeyes--which for those of you who have not had the privilege...they are a chocolate and peanut butter confection unlike any other! This past weekend I participated in a Holiday Bazaar where I took my Buckeyes to sell. These are the little boxes that I created for the Buckeyes. The boxes are candy boxes from Wilton. I love, love, love them! Later this week, I will post the card sets I made to coordinate!

On a side note, I have had several requests, and have decided to take orders for my Buckeyes locally for the holidays. They will be priced at $6 for a box of 9 or 6 boxes for $30. You can choose Christmas/Thanksgiving adoration or regular. Each box will come with a gift tag/card to make them perfect for gift giving. To arrange an order, e-mail me at:

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