Friday, October 1, 2010

Nicholas' first day of school

This is my layout for Nicholas' first day of school. A little different than Gabriel's but within the same paper collection: the Exclusive School Act Collection in Studio J. I used a different pattern in Nicholas' which really made the colors pop! I love that I can change photo wells into journaling blocks and vice versa! This makes the concept of journaling much easier because more often than not, I tend to have more journaling than the initial space allows; changing to a larger well doesn't make me feel like I have to edit my thoughts as much to conform to space sizes. This also works well in reverse...if the journaling well is too large for what one wants to journal, then you can choose a smaller space and place a photo in the larger photo well! This optimizes the choices which is truly awesome!

Click on the layout to see an enlarged view. Layout Design is Conclusion Combo from Cherish. My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 150 layouts. 42 completed. 108 still to go.

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