Saturday, July 10, 2010

Many thanks!

I can't help but find myself filled with gratitude this morning as I reflect on how blessed I have been with my Close To My Heart business and career! And there are so many individuals who have helped me in my journey:

My brother Michael, who has been my very best cheerleader! From babysitting my children, to helping to transport/set up/take down at my Crops, to brainstorming the technical aspects and just being amazing. He picks me up when I am down and he sees ability in myself that often I do not see. He has become a phenomial man and I am honored to have him in my life...he is truly the wind beneath my wings.

My husband Jay, who has been supportive in so many ways! There are not many men, who would be willing to pull out the paper trimmer and help cut 40 layout pieces or sit with a scrapbooking booth so I can get a moments break. Or to be so patient when I sure he would rather be paying attention to the game on tv verses hear me talk about my next big idea! Not many other men would send their wives a text asking what outfits to put the children in to coordinate with my layouts or thinking process. And, I am truly thankful.

My parents who have opened up their home night after night for my scrapbooking group and who have helped out in whatever manner they could to help me be successful.

My children who have been my inspiration and my reason for working so hard. They give me reason to scrapbook and the greatest purpose in my life--being their mother.

My scrapbooking friends & clients: (especailly the Broadway Sassy Scrappers) for their friendship and support! I have enjoyed helping each of you cherish and preserve your memories all the while, making new ones. I look forward to contuing working with each of you!

and Jeanette and Close To My Heart: who have taught me to reach for my goals and have given me the stars! They have given me a place where I can teach others; can strive as a business woman; can be at home with my children; explore my artistic passions:both written and visually; a place for me to blossom and a place to thrive. Close to My Heart has changed my life and I am forever grateful.

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