Monday, May 10, 2010

Frog catching...

I love Mother's Day! I think it is truly the best day of the year! I love spending a special day with my children just the four of us! This year we had our "mommy-day" a few days before Mother's Day. We went down to the river to try to catch some frogs -- which of course without a net is rather challenging! Then went to the Nursery to pick out flowers for our tree that is in our front yard. Frogs or no frogs, I am truly blessed!
Our dialogues...What they won't come up with next?
Gabey - "when I catch my frog, i kiss it and i will be a frog!"
Abby - "When me catch me frog, i 's will kiss it and be a princess!"
Nicholas - "I am going to catch lots of frogs; maybe one will teach me how to play the trumpet!"
Mommy - "I am going to give all the frogs to uncle Mike to make Frog Legs for dinner..."
A, N, & G- "uuugggghhhh!"

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