Monday, February 8, 2010

A love hate relationship.

Most who know me know that I live in a town that is surrounded on all sides by mountains...yes, literally. And these mountains are the source of many frustrations and stresses for the late summer, though the fall and into the beginning of winter, the deer are everywhere causing many late night headaches as I drive the curves of this mountain; the fog can be blinding; and I won't get started on some of the drivers...let's just say, many zoom way too fast as the dangerously wind up and down her curves. But, beyond frustrations, I also have a love relationship with "my" mountain (that is the mountain that lies between Luray and Timberville.) Her beauty is just awesome! And not just in the fall with all it's glory, but as the flowers bloom and the grasses begin to sprout, and when the mountain is covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Today, my son Gabriel and I drove over the mountain for the first time since we had had a tremendous snow storm (20 inches on top of 5-7 inches already on the ground) and the beauty took my breath away. There are very few places where one can stop to photograph the scenic views, and even fewer with the sides of the road piled high with snow, but I did find one spot to take a few pictures, and then took a few more from the car. The pictures don't begin to capture the awesomeness, but I wanted to share them anyway.

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