Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

My children have been fascinated with Christmas seems like that is all they talk about! It didn't help my case when we decorated Grandmommy's tree on Thanksgiving Eve...and now they keep after me to decorate our tree! But since we are getting new carpet tomorrow I have stuck by my decision to not decorate until after the carpet is in! In the meantime, I decided to donate this tree to the Harrisonburg Junior Women's Club's Charity Auction for this evening and what fun we had decorating it! Nicholas said in a very "reminding" manner..."Mommy, these ssbooking things don't go on a tree" and I couldn't resist to tell him that if only scrapbooking supplies really did grow on tress!! " Don't I wish! But until the time when they do, adorning the tree with the embellishments works for me!

I am very excited to see how well my little tree did and to hear from the winner! I hope it makes someone smile!!


  1. Wow Tonya what a great and cute idea. You are one of the most generous scrapbooking consultants I have ever met.

  2. Thanks! I wish I could have captured how cute this tree was on "film" but, since it was decorated on all three sides, I had to take it on rotations. It was a lot of fun to do!!