Saturday, October 17, 2009 October!

I am loving the snowflakes on my Christmas cards, but that doesn't mean I am ready for REAL snowflakes!! And they are in the forcast late tonight!! Crazy weather in my book!
Snowflakes that I am ready for, are these adorable and incredibly versatile, Dimensional Element "Flurry" Snowflakes! I can't get enough of them!! This is a Christmas Card workshop that I have designed as a fundraiser for the New Market Shockers Baseball Team. I will be teaching the workshop on Monday, November 7th at 5 PM in Timberville (NOTE THE DATE CHANGE). You may take the workshop in one of two forms...if you are interested in just learning the techniques, the cost is $8 and you will make one each of 6 designs. However, if you would like a Power Session and the chance to get a jump start of your Christmas cards, you can make 18 cards (3 each of 6 designs) for $20. We would love for you to join us! Register by November 5th to save your spot! Click here to see a slide show of each card in details.
Can't make it, but want to take the workshop? Gather a few friends, and we can do this same workshop as a Home Gathering...and what's better? You will receive the Hostess Rewards as well. E-mail me for details.

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  1. Tonya, love the cards. Would love to see a close up of all of them. When I read your fund raiser name of New Market, I had to look to see where you live. Of course, there could be hundreds of New Markets around the country, but Virginia is a special New Market. I used to live in Martinsville, down below you on the NC line. We used to travel through Luray and New Market on the way to DC. Having been born and lived in DC/MD as I child we used to take trips to Luray Caverns. Fond, fond memories from there and I can imagine the crispness in the air there and the smell of the pines. We are getting a slight cold snap here in Florida, but not enough to think snowflakes. I miss being able to use snowflakes on my artwork.