Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocking Chicago 1 mile at a time...

for 13.1 miles!
Training for, fundraising for, and running with Team in Training in the Chicago Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon, has by far been one of the best experiences in my adult life. Words will never be able to express what it has meant to me, or the impact it has had, on my life. I began this adventure because of the love that I have for a friend who has been a major influence to me --she has been there for every major milestone that I have had since high school. Karen, is my best friend's mom, and has had Lymphoma. I began this in honor of Karen, and in the process of this endeavor, I was touched by the support of many and personal stories that warmed my heart...Nathan, Geri's sister and many others who have fought this terrible disease.
I decided to run in the Chicago Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon with Karen's daughter Heather & her Husband Paul with Team in Training. Being in Virginia, I wasn't able to train weekly with the Team in Training team, however, you would not have known it! The support I received during the race was absolutely amazing. TNT requested that we add our names to the front of our shirts, and so we did. And to my surprise, all through the race, I heard shouts from the crowds "Go Team" and other encouragements attached with my name! It was empowering & inspiring! And at any point when I passed by a coach or mentor, they would jump in the race, and run side by side with me for a little ways. They didn't know me at all, but it made such a difference!
If you are ever looking for purpose, or to make a difference in the life of others, I highly recommend participating in a Team in Training event. You don't have to be a super star, or fast runner, just an individual with steadfast determination! And you will find that regardless of your finishing time, you are a winner.
Runners ready!

Paul, myself & Heather! Finally finished!

Such sweetness!
Thank you to all who aided in my efforts! Together, you helped me raise over $1700.00 to fight blood cancers!


  1. What a great job, Tonya!!! We're really proud of you.

  2. Thanks Tonya ... You did a Wonderful Job.. Totally Awesome..
    Someday these diseases will be history and won't kill and disrupt family's lives... I am so grateful to you, for remembering my late sister...
    Friends Forever Geri....