Monday, June 1, 2009

Spicing up the Deal!

Okay, so with the announcement of CTMH's new Grab-a-deal-a-day event, my thoughts were spinnning! So I have a few ways of spicing up the deal!

First, for every purchase made on my website during the month of June, your name will be entered into a drawing on July 1st for a $25 CTMH Gift Certificate! Make 20 purchases, and your name will be entered 20 times! You do the math!

Second, to me the Mystery Boxes are enticing! What fun...not knowing what surprises will be inside?? It's like Christmas!! Order as many as you like (but you can only purchase 1 per transaction). So, if you order a Mystery Box, I challenge you to create a project using only items that are in your box! Can you do it?

And, if you get something you already have a surplus of, or is something that is not quite your style, we will have a "swap" hour at the beginning of the July Crop that you can swap with someone else! After all, one person's discard could be another's treasure!!

Have fun!!!

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