Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"We're Going on a Bear Hunt...I'm not scared..."

Okay, yes, I know you have to stretch way back to our childhood to remember that one! I can honestly say that I haven't thought of that song in a really long time! But today, as Nicholas was packing his back pack to go search for a bear, it came to mind! And we have been singing it ever since!
To rewind and explain...Monday I decided to take the kids to visit my Grandma and since we were not in a hurry, I decided to take a new adventure! Well, what the adventure it turned out to be! Indeed!! The route is a two lane highway that twists around the mountain. We were coming down the mountain, when we rounded a curve, and there sat a BEAR!! Not a baby cub, but a full size black bear! What a surprise!! We had no choice except to stay there on the road for several minutes while the bear just sat there, and then finally crossed the road. Me, being the scrapbooker, of course had my camera in the van...but in the back of the van! And I was not about to get out of the van to get it!! It didn't even cross my mind to use the camera feature on my phone!
So, the Reggio student in me, sees this as a huge opportunity to explore this interest with my boys! Gabe already has a passion for bears so this excites me! And of course, I am sure I will document it in their scrapbooks! Guess I will have a use for CTMH's new Back Country collection after all!

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